Editorial Board

Olga Rossi (The University of Ostrava; La Trobe University, Melbourne)
Global calculus of variations, geometry of differential equations, geometric mechanics and field theory, geometric and variational structures in physics
Ilka Agricola (Philipps-Universität Marburg)
Differential geometry, global analysis, spin geometry, Dirac operators, homogeneous spaces
Attila Bérczes (University of Debrecen)
Number theory, applications of number theory in cryptography
Anthony Bloch (University of Michigan)
Nonholonomic mechanics and nonlinear control, integrable systems
Karl Dilcher (Dalhousie University, Halifax)
Number theory, special functions, classical analysis
Yong-Xin Guo (Eastern Liaoning University, Dandong)
Nonholonomic systems, symmetry theory of dynamical systems, geometric numerical integration, inverse problem in Analytical Mechanics
Ari Laptev (Imperial College London, Institut Mittag-Leffler, Djursholm)
Functional Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Spectral Theory
Haizhong Li (Tsinghua University, Beijing)
Differential geometry
Valentin Lychagin (UiT Norges arktiske universitet, Tromsø; V. A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)
Geometry of Partial Differential equations
Vilém Novák (The University of Ostrava)
Fuzzy logic, approximate reasoning, fuzzy set theory, ordered algebraic structures, applications of fuzzy logic
Geoff Prince (La Trobe University, Melbourne)
Applications of differential geometry to differential equations, geometric mechanics, exterior differential systems
Eric Swartz (William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA, USA)
Abstract algebra, group theory, combinatorics
Thomas Vetterlein (Johannes Kepler University, Linz)
Reasoning under vagueness and uncertainty, fuzzy logic, medical expert systems
Previous Editors
George Bluman (Vancouver, 2010–2017), Stephen Glasby (Perth, 2010–2017), Gennadi Sardanashvily (Moscow, 2015–2016)
Technical Editors
Lukáš Novotný (The University of Ostrava)
Jan Šustek (The University of Ostrava)